Monday, July 23, 2012

3 tones

Finally I've a little time to click my blog.I've been so busy with my assignment and it keeps coming like a waterfalls.
So I was wearing this pink top and bottom and I found this velvet blouse match perfectly with this pink monochrome color.Yes this pink blazer and shorts are pieces that I've been looking for since the first I saw the catalog then I grabbed them around late may but if you love this you should go to Mango store because those pieces are now on sale.

Mango blazer/Shopatvelvet blouse/Mango shorts/Aldo shoes/Tag Heuer watch/swarovski necklace/random bracelet
photographed by jennyfer laurencia.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

red summer

Just a quick post before going to bed.I'm having so much never ending assignment to be done especially the economy task,I can not do it.

these red converse actually my sister's.It's 38 and a bit to big for me because my size is 36.
   Mango belted dress/converse sneakers/Tag Heuer watch/Swarovski elastic bracelet&necklace

photographed by jennyfer laurenica

Saturday, July 14, 2012

studded plum

can't believe it's july already and it's almost over!time flies too fast.Uni life has been started,luckily I'm in the same class with charlene from and 4others  girls.Majoring in fashion marketing isn't that easy.We don't have fun all the time as other people think.Lots of assignment are given since the very first day.

so here's the story.I've been eyeing on this zara green peplum shirt with studs around the neck,but when the last time I visited zara XS is no longer available.Then a friend of mine was going to singapore and offered me that piece for S$90.way more expensive.Sadly it's now on sale around 370idr. 

zara peplum shirt/zara black jeans/steve madden shoes/tag heuer watch
photos are taken by:jennyfer laurencia