Tuesday, December 27, 2011

urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of shadows

i bought it online last year on january for around 760.000rupiah,been so long it contains 16 eyeshadows weighing 0.03 oz ,2 24/7liners penciland travel size potion primer.this is limited edition.and I just post this review bcs I joined blogger since last december .


L to R: eyeprimer,24/7 liner zero,24/7liner flipside

from R to L:underland,alice,oraculum,queen

 from R to L:chessur,white rabbit,wonderland,curiouser

from R to L:muchness,mushroom,midnight tea party,vorpal

from R to L:absolem,drink me eat me,mad hater,jarberwocky


  1. Lovely shadows!!! :) Thanks for stopping by :) xoxo