Thursday, May 30, 2013

Total Beauty Workshop

Total beauty workshop is finally come to Surabaya.This event will be held from 29 - 30 June 2013 located in Hotel Singgasana ( Jalan Gunungsari, Surabaya). This beauty workshop is designed for those who want to be a beautician, because we will learn all about skin care materials and body posture. Beside that every woman that loves her body should join too. We will get a lot of information about skin care and cosmetics, how it works, and how to use the right product that suitable to our skin.
We will also know the importance of collagen to our skin. One of the products that will be introduced in this workshop is " El Marino", produced by PT Elken International Indonesia. It's a good product that can reduce wrinkles and pimples! The good news, every participant in this workshop will get a box that worth 750.000 IDR.

There will be a lot of fun like full entertainment, interactive talkshow, exclusive pool side dinner with traditional as the dress code, games and door prizes, hands - on facial, and lingerie fitting.

This is the 10 reasons why you should join it :)
So, come and join us!
Ticket price: 680.000 IDR included: a night at Hotel singgasana with exclusive pool side dinner
a box of El Marino worth 750.000 IDR

Reserve yours now, contact: Prima ( 0899 3399 610)
don't forget to mention 'pricillialumantoro'
See you at the Total Beauty Workshop Surabaya, 29 - 30 June 2013!


  1. Great event! Join oasap giveaway on my blog

  2. Wah, Kawaii! Dozo yoroshiku ^^

  3. Hi..
    Aku tau blog kamu dari grup dan website indonesia beauty blogger.
    Beberapa kali saya baca-baca blogpost kamu, isinya menarik banget.
    Salam kenal ya dan sekalian meninggalkan jejak kalau tidak keberatan.